The E.C.Andersson North Sea is first of all a robust, all-rounder watch, made to be used and abused. On the other hand, the founder, Erik C Andersson wanted this same watch to be used once out of his sail boat, in a more formal environment once docked in harbor so to say, he wanted a watch usable in all the possible conditions, elegant enough to be worn in business conditions and robust enough to resist to the harsh climate out at sea. Thus, the North Sea watch features a stainless steel case (made in Switzerland), with brushed surfaces and sharp angles sharper than the aforementioned Italian brand. On the other hand, the case measures only 40mm in diameter, 10mm in thickness and shows nice details, such as a polished bevels on the lugs or a polished bezel. In the same vein, the crown is not protected, to keep the design pure.


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